Fall In – Cadets fall in on parade at 18:25 hours (6:25pm) Please be at the armoury at least 5 minutes prior.

Attendance will be taken on arrival at the armoury. If any cadets arrives late, it is their responsibility to inform the Orderly Room (Office) of their arrival or they will be marked as absent.

Cadets who are unable to attend must inform the Orderly Room by phoning in with a reason for their absence. Attendance is taken into account when deciding priorities for extra-curricular activities such as trips, etc.

Primary Contact Methods
Phone Number: 519-623-6406
Email: 21Army@cadets.gc.ca

Resources – 21 RHFC ACC has endeavoured to provide the cadets and parents/guardians with as many resources as possible. This ranges from communications to instructional guides. Below are some of the primary ones:

There are many resources for cadets, staff and parents on the website. The website contains many resources to helps cadets as they progress threw the system. There is a calendar of events which provides the cadets and parents with upcoming events, training dates and dress. The website is always being updated with new information and even contains an announcement page for all the announcements from the following training nights.

Facebook – 21 RHFC Army Cadet Corps
The facebook group is closed to everyone except current cadets, parents and staff. To join you must ask permission by going to the group and requesting permission. Please answer all of the questions for the admins to approve you. Please message us if your user name does not show an obvious connection to a current cadets.

Public Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/21cambridgecadets or @21cambridgecadets
This page is open to the public where we post things of a more general nature. Like and share this page with family and friends. There are often posts on this page that do not show up in the group.