8th Annual Fill an army truck food drive


In support of the regiment, we will be participating in the The 8th Annual RHFC FILL AN ARMY TRUCK Food Drive will be held on Saturday, 15 Dec 2018, between 0900 and 1500 at the Sobey’s in the Westgate Plaza located at 130 Cedar St.

Cadets will dress in FTU with cadet parka.  Beret or balmoral/glen is the preferred headdress but knit cap can be worn if the weather calls for it. Those without FTU will wear cadet parka and RCAC knit caps.  Dress in layers under you uniform as required and don’t forget your gloves!

We are looking for aprox. 4-6 cadets each shift and shifts will be 2 hours long (there is some flexibility depending on your availability).  Lunch will be provided by Sobey’s for those staying over the lunch hour.

Please use the sign-up form linked below:
A final schedule will be posted by Wednesday 12 December.

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  1. Mcpl Calvank-Jones said he signed up for stuff the truck. He said he can do 1-3 pm if you need him then or he can do any time you need to put him in. Please let us know soon. Thank you

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