September 23rd

September 24, 2019

FTX OP Highland Basics – The signed “Inspection Consent” form and the permission form for this FTX must be returned NLT 27 September, prior to departure which is 1745 hours at the LHQ.

September 16th

September 17, 2019

Orders from CO -> Thoroughly, Comprehend ; CATO 46-01. Dress for Sept 23rd is DEU C2A. Have your FTX…

September 9th

September 10, 2019

The band will begin practicing at the Armoury Sep 10th at 1800 hrs. The drill team will begin on the 19th. Please have your FTX forms…

June 10th

June 14, 2019

For those MCpl cadets who are participating in creating the open house displays to be used this fall you are asked to come to the armoury on June 17th from 18:30 to 20:00. Open house will take place on September 16th. The 21 army cadets are participating in the Canada Day parade. Details to follow.

May 6th

May 7, 2019

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) and Graduation Parade: This year we’re having ACR early on Sunday, May 12th. This event is mandatory. We know it’s Mother’s Day, so please plan your events accordingly. Plus, what better gift is there than to show your mom how well you clean up? Cadets will need to be available to practice … Continued

April 22nd

May 6, 2019

Happy Easter! Next week (April 29), dress is FTU, so we can practice for Annual Ceremonial Review. Please bring your DEU kit on a hanger or in a garment bag. Support Committee members needed: At the end of this year, 6 of the 9 members of the support committee will be stepping down. The corps cannot run … Continued