Vinter Varsity

On January 18th - 20th 2019, the cadets and officers of the 21st Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada will be taking part of a Winter Training Exercise that will focus on winter survival training.

Cadets will be in mixed star level sections to encourage thorough understanding, review and mastery of this unique material.

Section motivation and leadership will be encouraged and rewarded.

Each cadet, at their star level, will be shown and given a new training aids to help them acquire new skills and encourage higher levels of participation and esprit de corps.

All cadets are strongly encouraged to participate and make this a memorable and educational event.

Pre event planning:

For Cadet Instructors/Section Leaders: a more detailed formal information will be given on December 10th with a final, quick Questions, comments and concerns O-Group given on the 17th of December.

Corps, stay tuned for more info and sign up instructions here after Christmas.

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If you have questions about a Field Training Exercise (FTX) please read our FTX FAQ at the link below:

FTX Frequently Asked Questions