International Year End Trip: Advance Information


It is very early in our training year, but we have been planning our Year End Trip for months already! From May 25-27, we will be taking a busload of 21 Army Cadets to Jamestown and Celoron New York to be a part of the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend festivities with American Legion Branch 777. Some highlights will be going to the Civil Air Defense base, participating in the Memorial Day parade and two Memorial Day ceremonies. There will also be some fun stuff in there, like mini-putt and camping.
Leave Cambridge Armoury: Saturday, May 25.
Return to Cambridge Armoury: Monday, May 27. Note that this is a school day.

As this is an international trip, there are many requirements that different groups have of us, and to make this trip happen, we need to meet all those requirements on THEIR timelines
As I mentioned in an email before tagging, not everyone will be able to go on this trip. There are only so many seats on the bus. We want to make sure that those who are contributing to the corps have an opportunity to attend. We have been tracking your attendance at everything we’ve done so far this year (or everything since your sign up date, for greenstars), and this is where “get your absences excused” starts to matter. If we have more cadets who want to go on this trip than seats, your attendance record will matter. The good news is that we have a whole bunch of Remembrance events coming up that need to be staffed, and there are a bunch of other events in the time until the final list of cadets is due. You can increase your attendance percentage if you want to (hint, hint!).
What’s the rest of the planning look like:
• November 5: Click HERE to indicate your interest in the trip. You can change your mind later – this is a preliminary list for Detachment. We need the final list for the United States Government early next year. After that, you can’t add your name to the list.
• November-December: If you don’t have a passport, get one – you’ll need it for this trip. It sometimes takes a while, so don’t leave it until the last minute.
• January: Pay your $100 trip deposit to secure your spot. If you go on the trip, you get your deposit back on the way to pay for souvenirs (or put back in your pocket and bring home – that’s good too). If you pay your deposit and don’t go, you won’t get your deposit back. You are not considered to be actually “on the trip” until the deposit is paid, so if you wait too long to pay it, the bus might be full.
• Mid February: Have all the rest of the paperwork in, including showing us that you have a passport and personal travel insurance (You need to buy it if you don’t have it through an employer or parent’s employer). Other paperwork will be handed out/communicated to participating cadets along the way.
Cost: The only cost to cadets is your Passport and private traveler’s insurance. The deposit we require to secure your seat is returned to you on the trip.

Let us know if you have any questions. This info will also be cross-posted to the Facebook group.