My (Cambridge) Fair Ladies . . . erm . . . Army Cadets


On September 6-9, before our training year had even officially even started, 21 Army Cadets attended our first Op of the year: The Cambridge Fall Fair. The White Hackle caught up with two cadets that are fairly (Ha! See what I did there?) new to the corps, and definitely new to serving in the community at events like this one. Cpl Mya Kirk and Corporal Sam Staddon spoke to us about their experiences at the fair, and with 21 Army Cadets.

White Hackle: Both of you volunteered to spend a lot of time at the fair this weekend. Why did you volunteer?

Cpl. Kirk: I volunteered at the fair because I knew I would be positively contributing and promoting cadets. Also, I thought it would be a good idea.

Cpl. Staddon: I volunteered at the fair because I like helping out. It doesn’t really matter what I’m signing up to help with, if I’m free then I’ll help out any way I can

WH: What did you get to share with people visiting the booth?

Cpl. Staddon: I got to share experiences that I’ve had with cadets like FTXs, eating MREs, making new friends, and summer training.

Cpl. Kirk: I got to share some of the things I had done since I joined cadets and the memories and things I had learned in the couple of months of being an Army Cadet.

WH: What was the most interesting part of he fair?

Cpl. Kirk: The most interesting part was meeting new people, getting out of the house, and trying new food.

WH: We can respect that answer – carnival food is so good! Corporal Staddon, what about you?

Cpl. Staddon: The most interesting part of the fair was seeing all the excited kid and parents come up to the booth because they wanted to learn more about what we do.

WH: What kinds of questions did people ask you?

Cpl. Kirk: People asked if it cost anything to join, what age you had to be, what cadets was all about, and how it benefits you in any way.

WH:  That’s great! 21 Army has a lot to offer, and we’re glad the two of you were able to help spread the word. One last question: What do you enjoy most about being an Army Cadet?

Cpl. Kirk: I most enjoy drill, canteen, FTXs, the trips, fundraising, tagging, meeting new people. I also love the uniforms and actually find them very comfortable!

Cpl. Staddon: I enjoy making new friends at cadets, I also really like FTXs.

WH: Thanks for answering our questions, cadets! And thanks for volunteering your time. Remember that volunteering at events like this count toward your obligatory high school hours. Add your hours to your volunteer sheet and bring them in to the armoury to have an appropriate staff member sign for you.

Cpl Mya Kirk
Cpl Sam Staddon