Spring Tagging is Almost Here!


Hello everyone, It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite spring activity the start of the baseball season tagging. This year spring tagging is going to be occurring throughout March 28th to 31st and our home base (as usual) Galt Legion Br. 121, 4 Veterans Way.

Tagging is an important part of cadets as it raises most of the money that we need to pay for the extras for the program (above what is paid for by DND). This includes things like day trips, band equipment, hot meals on FTXs and countless other things that only happen because of your fundraising efforts.

All shifts are mandatory, but we understand that you all have lives outside of cadets. If you are unable to attend all 5 shifts, you must inform the Cadet Staff and/or Tagging Co-ordinator (Rhonda Stewart). Please keep in mind that tagging attendance is tracked, and is considered at the end of the year when it is time to decide between cadets for awards, summer training, or other special opportunities. If you are unable to attend all five shifts, we encourage you to coordinate with the Support Committee and see if they have any alternate shifts you can attend so you can make up the time.

Also keep in mind that for every hour you tag, you get a ballot to win a $100 gift certificate. And, we’re continuing to have the “closest to the total” contest where the cadet who guesses closes to our actual amount wins a $25 gift certificate.

If you are looking for more information on tagging, you can look at our what is tagging page, or contact Tagging Co-ordinator (Rhonda Stewart).

Here is the location of the legion where we base out of.

Please sign up for tagging with this google form.

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  1. Is there a schedule for tagging, or just be at the legion on the available dates for tagging and how early before a shift should they meet at the Legion?

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