Treetop Trekking / GPS Rally adventure



For those that have signed up for the Treetop Trekking adventure here is some last minute information:

BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD – Just like any other cadet event!

Timings: Cadets are to be at the armoury for 8:30am this Sunday, September 23. We will be leaving soon after so don’t be late! After talking to the treetop staff, it looks like our return time will be closer to 3:00pm, but we will update on the Facebook group and Remind when we leave.

What to wear: Cadets are to wear clothing appropriate for cadets, the weather and the active nature of the outing. I would recommend a t-shirt and shorts or active/track pants would be good, but you use your own comfort as a guide. 21 spirit wear is strongly encouraged, if you have it.

At this point it doesn’t look like rain and it’s going to be about 17 degrees – but check the weather for Brampton before you decide.

OPEN TOED SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE COURSES – running shoes are probably best.

What to bring. – It’s almost an hour bus ride, so something to keep you occupied is recommended. Remember any thing you bring it YOUR responsibility. A lunch is a must – there is NO food available at the park, so bring enough to fuel you for the day’s activities. Eat a good breakfast – I don’t know when we will be stopping to eat and you don’t want to be hungry up in the trees!

Bring a refillable water bottle…we all know how important hydration is!

BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD…I said it twice – don’t forget.

and most importantly, Be ready to have fun!

Thanks and see you Sunday!

Lt Taggart

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