Uniform Problems


Attention Cadets: (especially new cadets)

I have created the attached form to help speed up the uniform issuing and updating process.

Current cadets, pleas be sure to indicate what the problem is with your existing part (ie: lost, stained, worn-out, too tight in the waist too short in the arms etc.) , as well as the current size (looks something like ‘6438’ or ‘6730’ on most parts).

Get some help from a parent and fill in the form as needed and the responses will be sent to us. If you are not able to use the form or don’t have a suitable tape measure we can still measure in the QM.

A note on the uniform policy:  We generally wait until new cadets have paraded with us for at least 4 weeks and, depending on what’s going on, we will start the uniform issuing process.  If you haven’t been with us for 4 weeks please feel free to use the attached form as it will help us make sure we have everything when it comes time to get you outfitted (the ordering process is usually takes a long time!).