Welcome for New Year 2022-23


With the summer ending and school has returned its that time to get back to training. With that there are a couple of things to pass along. First the next 2 Monday nights will be for returning cadets. This is to complete annual paperwork so please make sure you keep one of your parents/guardians around to sign the forms. We will also be working on the open house presentations for the open house on the 26th ( tell your friends). Alot of the Covid related precautions have changed but the most pertinent are:
1 Masking is by choice (no one will feel anything but welcome regardless of their choice).
2 Vaccination status is no longer an issue and I expect to see all of the cadet unit out. ( there may still be some restrictions around this but being in the building to train is not one) we will also be entering you status into fortress.

I look forward to starting this training year off on a good foot and getting back to a sense of normal. Dress of both intake nights is FTU unless they don’t fit and then suitable civilians is fine but you will need to see CI Samuels for clothing related issues.

There will also be a few upcoming training days to assist in closing the training gaps due to COVID. These will be for specific groups or the unit depending on the information being covered. Capt Taggart has been planning these all summer and will post all the info needed through the usual channels. We will also be looking at starting up extra curricular activities such as band and marksmanship. Please stay tuned as we work out the details. Any questions please send directly to myself and I’ll get back asap.
Capt Shand