The Army Cadet League of Ontario is represented in every corps by the Support Committee. This group is the backbone of any Army Cadet Corps and without their efforts, things would come to a screeching halt.

Working in the background the Support Committee is responsible for raising funds to cover the extra costs that the Corps may incur. These costs can include team equipment, band instruction fees, banquets, trips, and ceremonial uniform parts. They coordinate and run tag days, dinners, trips and many other events that enhance the Cambridge Cadet program. On average, the Support Committee raises almost $50,000 that is not covered by the Department of National Defense.

The committee is open to community members who want to become involved. We have parents or guardians of cadets as well as adults without cadet children who enjoy working with the league to provide added opportunities for the young men and women in the program. For parents, it is a great way to get a chance to ask questions, get to know other cadets’ parents and keep up to date with your cadet’s activities. Like the cadets, parents make long time friendships as well.

The 21 RHFC ACC Support Committee is responsible for:

  • promoting the Cadet Program to the community
  • fundraising and managing funds for additional activities not supported financially by the Canadian Forces
  • assisting in recruiting eligible young people as cadets,
  • assisting the Corps at public and corps activities,
  • awarding trophies, service awards, and other special rewards,
  • sponsoring Cadet band instruction and participation in community events,
  • conducting communications/public affairs activity,
  • providing uniform parts and equipment not provided by DND,
  • identifying qualified persons as potential officers for the corps.
  • assisting the Commanding Officer in the care and custody of corps equipment,
  • keeping in contact with Support Committees of other cadet corps and squadrons, veteran’s associations, military associations, and other community groups in Cambridge and Waterloo Region.
  • conducting the business of the Support Committee.

Sound like a good fit for you?

There are always members of the Support Committee at the Armoury on regular parade nights and at most other 21 training and community events. We’re happy to talk about our experiences and how you can join us.

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