Dress Regulations

Effective September 24th, 2019 newly revised dress instructions replace CATO 46-01. These instructions are for all cadets in Canada.

CJCR Dress Instructions

Cadet Clothing Request Form

Fitness Testing Information

At least twice a year, we do fitness testing, which consists of tasks to test core strength, endurance, and flexibility. Each cadet is required to take the test every year in order to complete their star level training. You don't have to achieve a standard (but it's better if you do!) but you do have to participate.

CATO 14-18 Cadet Fitness Assessment and Incentive Program

CATO 14-18 Anx B (Cadet Fitness Assessment and Incentive Program)

CATO 14-18 Anx B1 (Male Standards)

CATO 14-18 Anx B2 (Female Standards)

CATO 14-18 Anx B3 (Level Results marking sheet)

CATO 14-18 Anx A2 (muscular strength - curl up)

CATO 14-18 Anx A3 (muscular strength - push up)

CATO 14-18 Anx A4 (flexibility - shoulder stretch)

CATO 14-18 Anx A5 (flexibility - sit and reach)

Army Cadet Reference Manual

The Army Cadet Reference Manual includes descriptions of the lessons you will learn during your time as a cadet. Sections include drill, fundamental training, bushcraft, map and compass skills, marksmanship, instructional techniques, public speaking skills, leadership, citizenship, and physical fitness.

Silver star cadets and above will use the knowledge from this guide to create lesson plans and teach younger cadets.

Army Cadet Reference Manual
Note: This resource is several years old, and some of the contents contained within may not be up-to-date.

CATO 13-02 Merit-based Rank Promotions

CATO 13-02 Anx A

CATO 13-02 Anx B

Band Reference Information

Band Officer: CV Mike MacDonald

Band practices Tuesday nights at Monseigneur Doyle. Competition Band also practices some Saturdays. For more information about joining the band, see Mr. MacDonald at LHQ parade nights, or talk to a bandie!