It’s important to let us know when you’re going to be absent, so that we can note attendance, and adjust any of your responsibilities, such as duty squadron or teaching a lesson, to another cadet in your absence. Attendance is important in considerations for camp offers special training opportunities, and the Most Dedicated Award at the end of the year. If you let us know you’re sick, or you’re buried under school assignments one week, we’re likely to be more sympathetic than if you leave us (or your peers) hanging.

  • Send us an email:
  • Call/text us on the 21 Army Cadet cell phone: 519-623-6406

Please DO NOT post an absence on the Facebook page. DO NOT DO IT! This means you! Posting absences on Facebook means that other, more important messages may get pushed down and unseen by those who need them. Only the officers need to know you’re not going to be there, not the cadets, officers, parents, and Army Cadet League and Royal Canadian Legion liaison representatives. Go through proper channels, we beg you.