In Person Training

Begins Monday Oct 4th from 6:30 to 8:00 at Churchill Park. Meet at the Water Street Pavilion. Items to bring: Water bottle, lawn chair & mask. Dress is FTU or white shirt & black pants. You need to complete covid screening in advance: Email your results with your name in the subject line to … Continued

Cadet training

Cadets will be training at Churchill Park until mid October. Once they are no longer given access to the washrooms they will move to the Hespeler Legion parking lot.

2021-22 Schedule

Due to changing circumstances please check 21 RHFC Army Cadet Corps private Facebook group for upcoming events and news.

Upcoming Events



Barber Pole & Co.

The Barber Pole & Co.  will give cadets a 15% discount on haircuts.
All they need to do is say that they are from 21 Army Cadets.

About 21 Royal Highland Fusiliers

21 Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Army Cadet Corps (21 RHFC ACC) is open to youth age 12-18. We meet once a week during the school year where you will learn citizenship, leadership, drill, effective speaking, outdoor survival, air rifle shooting, play sports and much more.

Plus, we have additional weekends for bush exercises, competitions, trips and a variety of other fun experiences.

On top of all this, during the summer, cadets have the opportunity to go to a variety of summer camps and expeditions. Courses range from 2 to 7 weeks and include basic training, introductory and advanced courses in leadership and instruction, drill and ceremonial, outdoor adventure, sports and fitness and the Canadian Forces basic parachutist course. There are also international exchanges for select cadets to places like Australia, South Korea and Scotland.

As if this wasn't enough incentive, a number of cadet activities also qualify as community service for school. Can it get any better? Who else gets to have fun AND do their schoolwork at the same time?

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If you currently are, or are considering doing, payroll charitable deductions from your pay cheques, please consider directing your donation to 21 Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Cadet Corp.
This can be done by asking employers to direct your donation under the Non-profit list, choosing The Army Cadet League of Canada, and placing a little notation for them to direct to 21 Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Cadet Corp.
You can also give us a cheque payable to the Army Cadet League of Canada.  21 Army Cadets then sends the cheque to them,  they cash it and make us a "transfer payment" by cheque.  A tax receipt can also then be issued.
Any donation through pay roll deduction or directly to 21 Royal Highland Fusilier of Canada Cadet Army Corps would be much appreciated.

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