Every year the Canadian Cadet Movement sends thousands of cadets to summer training at no charge.  In fact, the cadets earn money while they are there.

In January every cadet can apply for a summer training opportunity. First year cadets can only apply to General Training, while second year and higher cadets can apply to more focused training courses based on their interests. Getting an offer to go to summer training is based on several things – attendance, participation, and dress and deportment being high on the list. Cadets start receiving offers in April or May, but can receive offers up to a day or two before the course starts!

The following list provides an overview of the summer training options


General Training - 1 week course for 12-13 year old cadets, held at CFB Trenton

Leadership Courses

Basic Drill & Ceremonial Course - 3 week course concentrating on honing skills at drill

Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course - 6 week course where cadets learn how to teach drill to other cadets

Fitness and Sports Courses

Basic Fitness & Sports Course - 3 week course on having fun and staying fit

Fitness and Sports Instructor Course - 6 week course showing the cadets how to run a fitness and sports program at the Corps

Expedition Courses

Basic Expedition Course - 3 week course where cadets learn the basics of biking, hiking, canoeing and camping

Expedition Instructor Course - 6 week course which culminates in the cadets spending 18 days canoeing, biking and hiking through Algonquin Park

Marksmanship Courses

Basic Air Rifle Marksmanship Course - 3 week course teaching cadets how to shoot the air rifle like a pro

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course - 6 week course showing the cadets how to instruct on the use of the Daisy Air Rifle

Fullbore Marksman I & II - 6 week courses on shooting fullbore rifles.  Cadets on these courses are selected by skill level, with target groupings sent with their applications.

Music Courses

Pipe Band – Basic Musician Course - 3 week course for budding pipers and drummers

Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician Course - 6 week advanced course for pipes and drums

Pipe Band – Advanced Musician Course - 6 week course for the die hard noisemakers

Rocky Mountain Leadership and Challenge

Held at Rocky Mountain Camp, near Cochrane, Alberta, this 6 week course brings all the elements of advanced army cadet training together in one place.  Cadets attending this course have the opportunity to hike, ride horses, kayak and camp in the Rocky Mountains.

International Exchanges

Every year select cadets from across Canada get to participate in exchanges with other countries around the world.  Cadets have had the opportunity to travel to Wales, Scotland, England, Austratia, Germany, South Korea and many others. The competition for these exchanges is fierce, and you must be a top cadet not just at 21, but compared to other cadets across Ontario and Canada to be accepted.

Staff Cadets

Staff cadets are paid to work as senior cadets at the Summer Training Centres. A staff cadet can be tasked with the instruction and supervision of cadets, administration or in a logistical support role. Rank and pay for staff cadets depend upon the position the are offered which can be anything from supervising general training to being the Regimental Sergeant-Major for the entire camp.  This is usually determined during  pre-course training and evaluation period.  Staff cadets start a week before any other cadets arrive and stay through the entire summer.  Staff cadets must be at least 16 years of age on 1 Jan of the year they want to staff.