Expedition training is one of the core training programs offered only by the Army Cadets. It’s what separates Army Cadet training from Air or Naval cadet training.  Combining biking, hiking and canoeing, this physically challenging and extremely exciting program is loved by any cadet who has ever been involved in it.

ECT for Silver and Gold Star Cadets. Beginning at the Silver Star lever (third year), all cadets must take part in Expedition Cadet Training (ECT) weekend at one of the conservation areas in the region. There they will learn all about maintaining and repairing the bikes they will be using, how to safely hike, and camping routines.  They then spend the weekend putting all this into practice as the ride through the woods, hike the trails and learn how to act as a team.  This continues the following year with a more advanced weekend for the Gold Star cadets. This ECT weekend is mandatory for cadets to graduate their silver and gold star levels, but it is also a great weekend for cadets to challenge themselves and have fun.

Expedition Summer Training. For some cadets who really enjoy expedition, there are two summer training opportunities dedicated to expedition training. During the basic (3-week) expedition course, the cadets go on a 5-day outing where they get the opportunity to add canoeing to the mix. The 6-week Expedition Instructors course the following year really test the cadets’ abilities as the member of a team when they head off into the woods to spend 18 days riding, hiking, canoeing, and camping.

Regional, National, and International Expedition. For cadets who still want more expedition, cadets can apply to attend regional, national, and international expeditions. These excursions range from 2 weeks to a month, can be anywhere, and include such amazing experiences canoeing and kayaking, glacier-climbing, dog sledding, hiking, biking, and camping. There are regional expeditions in all four seasons to destinations in Algonquin Park/Madawaska area and Northern Ontario. Recent national expeditions included sea-kayaking around Cape Breton. Once you experience a regional and national trip, you can apply to attend an international expedition. Once a year, cadets from all over Canada travel together to such amazing locations as Peru, Chile, and Australia. These challenging experiences are the highlight of many cadets’ careers.