At least one member of the Support Committee is at parade every week, and they attend most other events in which cadets participate as well. The current executive committee includes:
  • Support Committee Chairperson – Mary MacDonald
  • Treasurer – Katherine Campbell
  • Vice Chairperson – Enza Finnie
  • Secretary – Elizabeth Carpenter
  • Tagging Committee Co-chairs – Rhonda Stewart and Darrell Ball
Members at large include:
  • Lorena Mills
  • John Redhead
  • John Wren
Liaison members include:
  • Peter Meyers – Royal Canadian Legion Branch 272
  • George Vallis – Royal Canadian Legion Branch 121
  • Claude Bolduc – Army Cadet League of Ontario
  • Tim Langfrey – Army Cadet League of Ontario (zone liaison)
To contact the committee: Send an email to the main 21 Army Cadet email,, which will be rerouted Send a private message to one of the committee members from the Facebook group. Come talk to us at the armoury or another event to exchange contact information.