New York State Trip-Update


As some of you already know, we are planning a cadet trip to New York State in support of the Legion. It’s been a long process but it looks like the trip will soon be officially approved! For those that don’t know here’s some additional information:

From May 25-27, we will be taking a busload of 21 Army Cadets to Jamestown and Celoron New York to be a part of the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend festivities with American Legion Branch 777. Some highlights will be going to the Civil Air Defense base, participating in the Memorial Day parade and two Memorial Day ceremonies. There will also be some fun stuff in there, like mini-putt and camping.

As this is an international trip, there are many requirements that different groups have of us, and to make this trip happen, we need to meet all those requirements on THEIR timelines.

As previously mentioned before tagging, not everyone will be able to go on this trip. There are only so many seats on the bus. We want to make sure that those who are contributing to the corps have an opportunity to attend. We have been tracking your attendance at everything we’ve done so far this year (or everything since your sign up date, for new cadets), and this is where “get your absences excused” starts to matter. If we have more cadets who want to go on this trip than seats, your attendance record will matter.

Some of you have already indicated your interest in the trip, and that’s great – we used those numbers to demonstrate that there was interest in the trip.  For those that didn’t sign up or those that have joined us since the initial sign-up, it’s still open for you to join us.

Update on timings:

25 Feb (next parade night) we will have parental permission forms.  There is additional information and a bunch of paper work that needs to be filled out.  Those of you that are intending on going on the trip will need to take a “Parental Permission Form Package” and fill out the forms completely, as required.  Once you have completed the forms, including your passport information, travel insurance information and have your $100CAD deposit you can return the forms and pay the deposit to the support committee.   Parental Consent forms are due back no latter then 8 April.  There are no extensions available on this date because we have to prepare a final list to send to Washington D.C.

15 April – for those that have agreed to go on the trip, there will be an additional form.  This second form will need to be returned no later than 13 May.

25 May (Saturday) we will depart and we return on Monday 27 May. Note that this is a school day.

A note on the deposit:  If you go on the trip, you get your deposit back on the way to pay for souvenirs (or put back in your pocket and bring home – that’s good too). If you pay your deposit and don’t go, you won’t get your deposit back. You are not considered to be actually “on the trip” until the deposit is paid, so if you wait too long to pay it, the bus might be full.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The support committee will not be providing US cash for those on the trip. Cadets attending the trip will have the ability to exchange their $100 Canadian to the US equivalent at the duty free point when we get to the border. Or they can take the money home with them as noted.

Eligibility and cost:  All cadets are eligible to go on the trip so long as they can provide:

  • A valid provincial health card;
  • A valid CANADIAN passport;
  • Proof of suitable travel insurance for the period of the trip.  This can be through a parents workplace insurance or privately purchased travelers insurance;
  • Pay the required $100 deposit and;
  • Not be facing any disciplinary action that would preclude you from going on the trip.

Cadets will need to pay for their lunch on the return trip, at a fast food location on the way home.  The only other cost to cadets is your Passport and private traveler’s insurance. The deposit we require to secure your seat is returned to you on the trip, as mentioned above.

Question about the deposit can be directed to the support committee, Please see me for any other questions.


Lt David Taggart