April 22nd


Happy Easter!

Next week (April 29), dress is FTU, so we can practice for Annual Ceremonial Review. Please bring your DEU kit on a hanger or in a garment bag.

Support Committee members needed: At the end of this year, 6 of the 9 members of the support committee will be stepping down. The corps cannot run with a 3 person support committee. If you are able to volunteer even a few hours a week (and not necessarily on Monday Night) we really need you to join. More than 80% of our effort happens during other times. If you can make some phone calls, you can help. If you can shop for canteen, you can help, if you can complete grant application forms a few times a year over morning coffee, you can help. There are many, many jobs, and many hands make light work. For more information, talk to one of us, or see the Support Committee page on the website.

Update: We have only had one person hand in their paperwork. Please step up, friends.

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) and Graduation Parade: This year we’re having ACR early on Sunday, May 12th. This event is mandatory. We know it’s Mother’s Day, so please plan your events accordingly. Plus, what better gift is there than to show your mom how well you clean up? Cadets will need to be available to practice starting at 10am, with our review starting at 13:00. This is what you practice all year for, time to show off! Find an invitation that you can share with friends and family, here: ACR-2019_Invite.

Graduation Parade is taking the place Monday, May 13th. Parents and friends are also invited to this event. We will be doing final promotions, star graduation, and awards at this event. The Support Committee is requesting that every family bring something to share for our refreshment table – desserts, fruit, cheese and crackers… all make good refreshments after this celebration. There will be a few more weeks of cadets after graduation, and the final night of cadets for the year is June 10 – our End of Year Barbecue. More info about that soon.