International Year End Trip: Advance Information


From May 25-27, we will be taking a busload of 21 Army Cadets to Jamestown and Celoron New York to be a part of the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend festivities with American Legion Branch 777. Find more about the trip and how you can participate

Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe, enjoying some time off

Friends of 21: Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe


As part of the White Hackle, we’re going to help bridge the gap so that cadets are better aware of the leadership at the Regiment. In this edition, we’d like to introduce the Incoming Commanding Officer of the Highland Fusiliers, Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe.

Mr and Mrs MacDonald go to Blackdown


At the beginning of the summer, I get an invitation to the League and Sponsor Appreciation Day at Blackdown Cadet Training Centre. I’ve been to 2 Sundown Ceremonies and to 4 Graduation Parades at Blackdown, but for some reason, I’ve never been to the League Appreciation Day.