Training canceled


Hello everyone,   Due to the weather, training has been canceled tonight. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next week!

Welcome to the 21 army cadet QM site! This is now the one stop shop for all your QM related desires.


Firstly, there is the new and improved kit form. This form is where you can fill out you initial kit request, or request a replacement item if you outgrow it.


Below is the board that Supply Officer uses to keep track of these requests. You can use check it to see how your request is progressing and if it is ready for pick up.


Did you miss the announcements at closing parade? Find a recap here!

February 11:

Deadline for summer training applications is 18 February (that's next Monday, but we're not here, so get it in during the week). See more information on the summer training information website post. Contact LT Taggart if you have questions.

New York Memorial Day trip: More information will be available over the next week, if there are any additional cadets who want to attend, there's still room on the bus. New cadets - this means you, too, but you'll need to make sure that you also participate in tagging to help us pay for it.  For more information, see Memorial Day Weekend trip

Fun Day at Shades Mills: For $5.00 you can have fun outdoor day with snowshoeing, skiing and other outdoor activities. This isn't a cadet sanctioned event, but it looks fun, and it's similar to the things we did outdoors at FTX.

Band/Drill is cancelled Tuesday Feb 12. When the school is closed for a snow day, the evening events are automatically cancelled too.

Shooting team (you know who you are) there is a marksmanship practice at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 282 in Hespeler, February 14, 7-9 pm.

If you have feedback for the winter FTX a few weeks ago, please let the RSM know next time you see him. Which isn't next week because...

Next week. February 18 is Family day. There is no parade that night.

The next time we meet, February 25, we will be handing out fundraising packets. We will be selling Make it Sow (seeds and garden items), Red Cross first aid kits, and Stemmler's Pepperettes. The website store will be updated with this items as well. More information coming soon.

Feb 25 will also mark the start of signups for tagging, which will take place March 28-31. Cadets, if you would normally have to work all these days, please consider asking for the Saturday off so we can do a big push on our busiest day. For more infomation, see What is Tagging.

Senior Cadets attending Merit Board interviews this weekend, good luck! We're all supporting you!

January 28:

Fitness testing February 11: Wear appropriate civilian attire to run and play games. If you would wear it to school gym class, it's probably appropriate for fitness testing. Note that it is important to do your best on Fitness testing, because your score on this test can affect the opportunities available to you, including getting chosen for advanced camps, exchanges, and leadership training.

Parkas: Moving forward, every cadet MUST wear their cadet parka to every Monday cadet night until otherwise notified. In this effort, please ensure that you have your parka labelled so that you can leave with the same parka you arrive with every night. Every week, someone takes the wrong parka - let's mitigate that by putting your name in it so you can get yours back.

Year End Memorial Weekend trip: We will have some paperwork shortly for participants who signed up in November. Be patient! We're waiting to get all the permissions we need from Cadets Canada before we can do much else on our end. Details will be added to the website as soon as we have anything to share.

Family Day: As important as we think the 21 family is, on February 18 we will not be meeting. We hope you enjoy spending time with your family.

Advance fundraising notice: Spring fundraising will be starting soon. We'll have fundraising packets available in the next few weeks, and we'll be adding the items to our online store, as we did for Fall fundraising.

January 14:

FTX this weekend. Make sure you bring extra socks and gloves and a water bottle. Don't forget your health cards; you won't be allowed on the bus without them. If you need medication, bring them in a ziplock bag with your name on it.

Drill practise at Monseigneur Doyle Tuesday, 7-9pm. Bring your parade boots and headdress. Wear civilian comfortable clothes.

Training schedule distribution: Senior cadets, please see the senior's groups or FB for training schedule. It will also be on the Resources > Cadets page.

Nametags: This weekend is the last day for non-first year cadets to complete the request form. First year cadets, we'll get your name on the list for you.

Bookmark Contest: We hand out bookmarks at tagging - this is your chance to help decide what messaging you want us to give to the community this year. Bookmarks should be 1.5 x 5.5 inches. Submissions due January 28.

December 17:

Thanks to everyone who came to Christmas dinner tonight. Have a happy holidays and we'll see you back at the armoury on January 7.

December 10:

Next week (December 17) is Christmas dinner. We dress up in our best turned out Dress Kit, host dignitaries from the Regiment, Legions, NATO Vets, and the Army Cadet League, and enjoy a fully catered Christmas dinner. Please contact Mrs. MacDonald if you are vegetarian or have food allergies or concerns  (such as kosher or halal requirements) that you have not told us about already). This event will happen at the armoury during our normal training time.

Congratulations to everyone who completed fitness training, and extra congratulations if you have surpassed a previous milestone.

FTX paperwork for January is now available. See CV VanRavenstien.

If you're interested in participating in Drill team, see OCdt Primeau.

Thanks to everyone who participated at the Veteran's Dinner at RCL 272.

December 3:

There are lots of events coming up, so read the announcements carefully for details.

Unsilent Night December 6 (Thursday): Bring your waiver form with you. You need it at the event. Meet at 4pm at the Cambridge Center for the Arts at the corner of Dickson and Wellington.

Veteran's Dinner December 8 (Saturday): We need 6-10 volunteers to help serve dinner at the Veteran's Christmas Dinner at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 272 (Hespeler). If you can attend, please comment on the Facebook post or contact 2LT Docherty.

Merit Review Boards December 15 (Saturday): If you qualify for merit reviews, you should know that by now. If anyone has questions, contact one of the officers for guidance.

Stuff a Truck Food Drive December 15 (Saturday): We are participating in the annual Stuff an army truck with our brethren at the regiment. There are 3 shifts: Morning and afternoon at Sobeys Westgate collecting food, and later in the afternoon to sort food at the food bank. More information and sign up available soon.

Holiday Mess Dinner December 17 (Monday): All cadets are invited to our annual Holiday Mess Dinner. We dress up in our best turned out Dress Kit, host dignitaries from the Regiment, Legions, NATO Vets, and the Army Cadet League, and enjoy a fully catered Christmas dinner. Please contact Mrs. MacDonald if you are vegetarian or have food allergies or concerns  (such as kosher or halal requirements) that you have not told us about already). This event will happen at the armoury during our normal training time.

Next week December 10 is fitness testing. You must participate in fitness testing in order to progress to your next promotion, so please try to be there. The better you do, the more opportunities are available for you. For example, some summer training, all expeditions, and some additional training requires a minimum fitness level.  Wear gym clothes (for example, track pants, trainers, appropriate tshirts/hoodies). The remainder of the night will be sports. Gatorade will be available at canteen.

Looking forward to January? You should be if you're interested in drill! We'll be starting up a drill team in January. More info to come. See OCdt Primeau if you're interested.

Spiritwear orders have been delayed by the Canada Post strike, but our vendor now has the items and is hoping she can catch up on lost time. More info when we have the orders delivered to the Support Committee.

If you still need to pick up syrup, Mrs. MacDonald will available in Preston (725 William Street) on Wednesday (5 Dec) after 6pm. Mrs. Campbell will post additional availability on Facebook.

November 26:

Congratulations to everyone who got a promotion today, and to the new winners of the Best Dress (Junior and Senior) and Best Deportment (Junior and Senior) awards.

Our annual Christmas Mess Dinner is December 17. Dress is DEU. Arrive at the armoury at the usual time with your appetites, or come earlier to help us set up tables.

21 will be participating in the Hespeler Santa Claus Parade on December 1. Meet at the corner of Groh and Holiday Inn Drive (near the Shoppers Drug Mart) at 11am. Step off is noon. The band will be playing and the flag party will be participating. Dress for the event is DEU with your parka or Black and White if you don't have your dress kit yet. Dress warmly under your kit. Our friends at the Hespeler Legion have invited cadets who participate back to the legion for a Chili and Bun lunch.

Syrup arrives this week. Due to the weight and volume of the bottles, we are distributing from Mrs. MacDonald's house (for north Cambridge and Mrs. Campbell's house (for south Cambridge). Please see the Facebook post to let us know where you want to pick up your orders. If your last name is not the same as your cadet, please let us know that when you respond so that we have the right amount of syrup in each location. Pick up hours will be posted soon.

Those who volunteered for Unsilent night should have received a waiver from 2LT Docherty at Parade. You need to have that with you on the event night. If you didn't receive a waiver, please let Captain Shand or 2LT Docherty know.

The Marksmanship team competed in the Paul Bawden competition this past weekend. We competed well, and with a little more practise, we'll do even better at the next competition. Which is a great segue to... We have secured a location to have marksmanship practices on a more regular frequency. We're completing the final arrangements and should have more info to share next week.

November 19:

  • Next week is Commanding Officer's Parade. Dress is DEU.
  • We have a request to help at Unsilent Night. We need 10-15 volunteers to help out. This counts toward volunteer hours. If you can help, please let us know by sending an email to the corps email address (or respond to Capt. Shand's facebook post)
  • Congratulations to the members of the marksmanship team. Captain Shand/2LT Docherty will post the team names on Facebook by Wednesday (we will also update the announcements here). The Paul Bawden marksmanship tournament is this weekend. If your name is on the team announcement and you cannot attend the tournament, please let staff know ASAP.
  • Need one more chance to convince Santa which list you should be on? 21 will be participating in the Hespeler Santa Claus Parade on December 1. Meet at the corner of Groh and Holiday Inn Drive (near the Shoppers Drug Mart) at 11am. Step off is noon. The band will be playing and the flag party will be participating. Dress for the event is DEU with your parka or Black and White if you don't have your dress kit yet. Dress warmly under your kit.
  • Congratulations to our new flag party members: Mcpl Brewster, Mcpl Atwal, and Mcpl Montgomery.
  • Many cadets have recently gotten or are in the process of getting their uniform. Here is the resource page for how to wear your uniform properly, and please ask a senior cadet if you have any questions. Please keep the following in mind: If you don't have all pieces of your uniform (including correct boots and headwear), you can't wear any of it. If you are wearing your parka, please wear it zipped all the way up.
  • Thanks to the parents who helped to organize the pepperette orders and attach greetings to candy canes. Your help is very much appreciated.


November 12:

  • Dress next week is FTU.
  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the Remembrance day festivities. You all looked great, and made 21 look great.
  • If you did (or are still planning on doing) grave site visits, please provide the names of the soldiers (and pictures if you have them) in the next few days to Mrs. MacDonald at
  • This Saturday we will be participating in the Cambridge Santa Claus parade. If you want to participate in decorating our parade float (FTX at the North Pole), please meet at the Dimplex parking lot at noon.  UPDATE: We will be meeting on Industrial rd. By the Tiger Cat Industries building for 530pm. The pick up point (after the parade) will be at the NE corner of Langs and Industrial in the Midland Transport parking lot. The intersection will be closed off to parents however if you turn off eagle and make your way down Industrial you should be able to get to the parking lot. There should also be parking on the side of Langs and then walk to the pick up point.
  • Everyone please read the duty instructions, found here. It is critical that everyone does their jobs so that the armoury can be cleaned up properly.
  • Fundraising: Candles will be sent directly to cadets to distribute to their benefactors; Pepperettes will be here November 17. Syrup delivery is TBD (will let you know ASAP).
  • Spiritwear orders are due November 15. Please order through the shop. If you intend to pay by cheque, please bring it next week (we will still process your order).

November 5:

  • This Sunday is Remembrance day, and 21 Army will be attending the celebrations at the Galt and Hespeler cenotaphs. Please attend the ceremony that is most convenient for you. If you intend to attend the Galt cenotaph please arrive at the Galt legion at 0930. If you intend to attend the Hespeler cenotaph, please arrive behind the Firehall at 1000. Dress for remembrance day activities is your full dress uniform with your parka and hat; or if you don't have your uniform or parka please wear an appropriate dark jacket.
  • LT Taggart handed out sheets to everyone who will be attending the overnight vigil. Please contact him for more information.
  • If you want to attend the New York Trip, we need to know shortly. Please see LT. Taggart's post to place you interest.
  • Please let Captain Shand know if you want to assist with Unsilent night. Unsilent Night is a Christmas festival that you can view art displays through Cambridge. Please read more here.
  • Great job on fundraising everyone. Together we sold $8740 in product, which means we were able to raise about $3000 for the unit.

October 29:

  • FTX is this weekend. Make sure you dress for the weekend weather, and bring a water bottle.
  • Dress next Monday is DEU, and the training orders have been posted to the orders page.
  • Remembrance day is coming soon, and 21 is participating in a variety of activities. Look at the Remembrance Activities page to sign up for events (including the Vigil). More information will be posted next week for Remembrance Day.
  • Fundraising packages are due on Monday. Don't forget that you can order online in our Shop.
  • Flag Party tryouts will be on 5 Nov, 2018. If you are interested, contact MWO Frizzell directly.
  • Next Monday, November 5, is the last day to express your interest in the Year End Trip to Celoron New York. See the Memorial Day Trip page to express your interest (and get more information). Please note that this does not commit you to the trip. It's far easier for us to take you off the trip than try to add you later.

October 22:

  • We are reinstating the Brassards program for Best Deportment (Junior and Senior) and Best Dress (Junior and Senior). These awards will be distributed every 2 weeks. Congratulations to the first recipients of the year:
    • Cpl Samuels (Best Dress, Jr)
    • Cpl Lee (Best Deportment, Jr)
    • Cpl P. Johnson (Best Dress, Sr)
    • MCpl Atwal (Best Deportment, Sr)
  • Next week (October 29), come to cadets in your Halloween costume! Make sure it's appropriate, and be creative - you might even win a prize.
  • FTX (Field Training) is happening Nov 2-4. Paperwork can be downloaded, completed, and sent to 2LT Docherty (address in the FTX paperwork).
  • If you want to be on Advance party, also let 2LT Docherty know. You'll need to get yourself to the campsite by 3:30 to participate.
  • Band Practise Tuesday. We're still looking for a few more beginner bagpipers. If you'd like to join the band, come to Monsignor Doyle Highschool from 6-7pm. Intermediate and Senior members continue to 9pm.
  • Look at the Remembrance Activities page to sign up for events (including the Vigil).
  • Popcorn Probation: There was a considerable popcorn mess on the parade square after break today. If cadets do better with the remaining bags we've purchased, we'll continue providing popcorn. If not, we'll replace it with another item.
  • Fundraising: If you haven't gotten a package or you need more sheets, see Mrs. Campbell. Also remind your benefactors that they can order online in our Shop.
  • Flag Party tryouts will be on 5 Nov, 2018. If you are interested, respond to 2LT Docherty's Facebook post or
    contact MWO Frizzell directly.
  • See the Memorial Day Trip page to express your interest (and get more information) about the End of Year Trip to Celoron New York.

International Year End Trip: Advance Information


From May 25-27, we will be taking a busload of 21 Army Cadets to Jamestown and Celoron New York to be a part of the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend festivities with American Legion Branch 777. Find more about the trip and how you can participate

The time around Remembrance Day is very busy for 21 Army Cadets. We have built a tradition of providing help to our sponsoring Royal Canadian Legions in Hespeler (Br. 272) and Galt (Br.121) with Poppies, Remembrance Dinners, and the Remembrance Day ceremonies in both Hespeler and Galt. This year, we are adding even more events to provide the opportunity for 21 Army Cadets to honour all veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We will be participating in the following events:

Flag Raising at City hall

Thank you to those who participated. This activity will be updated again in October 2019 for the 2019 poppy flag raising

Poppy Drive with Hespeler Legion

Thank you to those who participated. This activity will be updated again in October 2019 for the 2019 poppy drive.

November 3 - RCL 272-Hespeler Remembrance Dinner (Parents serving)

Thanks to  Mary Margaret Taborek, Laura O'Connor, Maria Tang-Espinola, Natalia Lares, Thomas Samuels, and Rhonda Stewart who have volunteered. If anyone else is still interested, please let the Support Committee know.

For those who are participating, please wear black pants and a white shirt, and report to the Ladies Auxiliary at the Hespeler Legion at 5:30 for service to start at 6pm.

November 1-11 Bells of Peace Gravesite visits

The Dominion Command (National level) of the Royal Canadian Legion is engaging youth in a remembrance activity to honour those who served in the first world war. They have asked for cadets and other youth groups to visit the graves of World War 1 casualties in their community and place Canadian Flags or pins. We have a list of casualties in several cemeteries around Cambridge (including Ayr and Puslinch), but you're also free to add another person to whom you have a connection and would like to add to our list. We are asking for cadets and their parents to visit a few of the grave sites (we will provide the locations and flags). The Army Cadet League and the Legion have asked that we provide some pictures for their newsletters. Sign up here.

November 10 - Bells of Peace and Remembrance Vigil

We will be posting cadets for  one hour shifts through out the night starting at 20:00hrs (8:00pm) November 10th ending at the commencement of the regular services on November 11. For more information, see the White Hackle Blog post - Remembrance Overnight Vigil, or sign up HERE.

November 11 - Remembrance Services

As usual, cadets from 21 Army will be participating at both the Hespeler cenotaph and the Galt cenotaph. Galt participants will march from the Galt Legion to the cenotaph in the parade, and then form up as usual at the cenotaph. The Hespeler participants who are not already here from the overnight vigil will meet at the museum directly behind the cenotaph. Timings TBD. Sign up sheet available shortly.

Duty Commander

Upon arrival, the duty commander will:

  • Enter the armoury and get two radios, brassards, attendance sheets, and binder from the office.
  • Set up the main hallway for the cadets to arrive.

Once the front desk cadet arrives at the desk:

  • Hand over responsibility of checking off the attendance
  • Distribute the brassards to the cadets to whom they have been awarded.
  • Conduct their normal section commander duties.

After closing parade:

  • Instruct their section on how the armoury needs to be cleaned. Generally, this includes the following (Note that this is a general list, subject to change based on parade night activities):
    • Ensure that all three classrooms are garbage free, have the chairs stacked, the windows are closed, and the lights are off.
    • Ensure that both the bathrooms are clean and the lights are off.
    • Sweep the parade square and ensure there is not any garbage left from break.
      • Brooms can be found in the maintenance hallway beside the big mural, in the first door on the right.
    • Change the garbage and recycling if needed.
      • Garbage bags can be found in the office, and the dumpster can be found outside
    • Collect the brassards and return them to the office.
    • Collect any lost kit and bring it to the office.

After duty section completes their tasks:

  • Conduct a sweep to ensure your section didn’t miss anything.
  • Dismiss your duty section.
  • Report the completion of the duty squad’s requirements and turn in your radio. The duty officer or CSM will dismiss you.

Front desk cadet

Beginning of the night (before and during opening parade):

  • Take over signing in cadets from the Duty Commander.
  • Answer the door bell
  • Assist new cadets find their way up to the office
  • Ensure that all visitors sign in and out of the binder.
  • Remain at the front desk until the cadets are dismissed from opening parade.
  • Bring the three attendance sheets up to the office, and report to class as normal.

End of the night (before and after closing parade)

  • Before parade, return to the lobby and allow parents to enter into the armoury so they can attend ending parade.
  • After parade, assist the rest of the duty section in completing the duty section tasks.

Duty section

After closing parade:

  • Complete the duty list under the direction of the duty commander.
  • Remain until the Duty Commander completes their sweep of the armoury
  • Leave only when the Duty Commander dismisses you. Failure to complete your duties will result in verbal and written warnings, extra duties, or chits.

On this page, cadets will find the Routine Orders (info about rules around the armoury), Training Orders (what and when cadet instructors are teaching), and Duty List (which cadets and sections are responsible for before- and after- parade duties.  Click HERE for a description of the Responsibilities of Duty Squad).

This list will be be updated monthly.

Current (January)

Duty List

Date Section Commander Front Desk Cadet
07/01/19 Calais Mcpl Goodall Cpl Boyd
14/01/19 Amiens Mcpl Miller Mcpl Beerunj
21/01/19 Rhine Mcpl Sheppard Cpl Sebastian
28/01/19 Band and Flag party MWO Frizel Cpl Muir

Upcoming (Febuary)

  • Routine orders
  • Training orders

Duty List

Date Section Commander Front Desk Cadet
04/02/19 Somme Cpl Brett Kraja Cpl Samuels
11/02/19 Normandy Cpl Robinson Lcpl Barnes
18/02/19 Arras Cpl Staddon Cpl Lee
25/02/19 Calais Mcpl Goodall Cpl Boyd

Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe, enjoying some time off

Friends of 21: Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe


As part of the White Hackle, we’re going to help bridge the gap so that cadets are better aware of the leadership at the Regiment. In this edition, we’d like to introduce the Incoming Commanding Officer of the Highland Fusiliers, Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe.

Tagging Signup


It’s almost October, so that means it’s time to start talking about tagging. Tagging is the biggest single source of funding for 21 Army Cadets.