Training canceled


Hello everyone,   Due to the weather, training has been canceled tonight. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next week!

Welcome to the 21 army cadet QM site! This is now the one stop shop for all your QM related desires.


Firstly, there is the new and improved kit form. This form is where you can fill out you initial kit request, or request a replacement item if you outgrow it.


Below is the board that Supply Officer uses to keep track of these requests. You can use check it to see how your request is progressing and if it is ready for pick up.

International Year End Trip: Advance Information


From May 25-27, we will be taking a busload of 21 Army Cadets to Jamestown and Celoron New York to be a part of the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend festivities with American Legion Branch 777. Find more about the trip and how you can participate

The time around Remembrance Day is very busy for 21 Army Cadets. We have built a tradition of providing help to our sponsoring Royal Canadian Legions in Hespeler (Br. 272) and Galt (Br.121) with Poppies, Remembrance Dinners, and the Remembrance Day ceremonies in both Hespeler and Galt. This year, we are adding even more events to provide the opportunity for 21 Army Cadets to honour all veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We will be participating in the following events:

Flag Raising at City hall

Thank you to those who participated. This activity will be updated again in October 2019 for the 2019 poppy flag raising

Poppy Drive with Hespeler Legion

Thank you to those who participated. This activity will be updated again in October 2019 for the 2019 poppy drive.

November 3 - RCL 272-Hespeler Remembrance Dinner (Parents serving)

Thanks to  Mary Margaret Taborek, Laura O'Connor, Maria Tang-Espinola, Natalia Lares, Thomas Samuels, and Rhonda Stewart who have volunteered. If anyone else is still interested, please let the Support Committee know.

For those who are participating, please wear black pants and a white shirt, and report to the Ladies Auxiliary at the Hespeler Legion at 5:30 for service to start at 6pm.

November 1-11 Bells of Peace Gravesite visits

The Dominion Command (National level) of the Royal Canadian Legion is engaging youth in a remembrance activity to honour those who served in the first world war. They have asked for cadets and other youth groups to visit the graves of World War 1 casualties in their community and place Canadian Flags or pins. We have a list of casualties in several cemeteries around Cambridge (including Ayr and Puslinch), but you're also free to add another person to whom you have a connection and would like to add to our list. We are asking for cadets and their parents to visit a few of the grave sites (we will provide the locations and flags). The Army Cadet League and the Legion have asked that we provide some pictures for their newsletters. Sign up here.

November 10 - Bells of Peace and Remembrance Vigil

We will be posting cadets for  one hour shifts through out the night starting at 20:00hrs (8:00pm) November 10th ending at the commencement of the regular services on November 11. For more information, see the White Hackle Blog post - Remembrance Overnight Vigil, or sign up HERE.

November 11 - Remembrance Services

As usual, cadets from 21 Army will be participating at both the Hespeler cenotaph and the Galt cenotaph. Galt participants will march from the Galt Legion to the cenotaph in the parade, and then form up as usual at the cenotaph. The Hespeler participants who are not already here from the overnight vigil will meet at the museum directly behind the cenotaph. Timings TBD. Sign up sheet available shortly.

Duty Commander

Upon arrival, the duty commander will:

  • Enter the armoury and get two radios, brassards, attendance sheets, and binder from the office.
  • Set up the main hallway for the cadets to arrive.

Once the front desk cadet arrives at the desk:

  • Hand over responsibility of checking off the attendance
  • Distribute the brassards to the cadets to whom they have been awarded.
  • Conduct their normal section commander duties.

After closing parade:

  • Instruct their section on how the armoury needs to be cleaned. Generally, this includes the following (Note that this is a general list, subject to change based on parade night activities):
    • Ensure that all three classrooms are garbage free, have the chairs stacked, the windows are closed, and the lights are off.
    • Ensure that both the bathrooms are clean and the lights are off.
    • Sweep the parade square and ensure there is not any garbage left from break.
      • Brooms can be found in the maintenance hallway beside the big mural, in the first door on the right.
    • Change the garbage and recycling if needed.
      • Garbage bags can be found in the office, and the dumpster can be found outside
    • Collect the brassards and return them to the office.
    • Collect any lost kit and bring it to the office.

After duty section completes their tasks:

  • Conduct a sweep to ensure your section didn’t miss anything.
  • Dismiss your duty section.
  • Report the completion of the duty squad’s requirements and turn in your radio. The duty officer or CSM will dismiss you.

Front desk cadet

Beginning of the night (before and during opening parade):

  • Take over signing in cadets from the Duty Commander.
  • Answer the door bell
  • Assist new cadets find their way up to the office
  • Ensure that all visitors sign in and out of the binder.
  • Remain at the front desk until the cadets are dismissed from opening parade.
  • Bring the three attendance sheets up to the office, and report to class as normal.

End of the night (before and after closing parade)

  • Before parade, return to the lobby and allow parents to enter into the armoury so they can attend ending parade.
  • After parade, assist the rest of the duty section in completing the duty section tasks.

Duty section

After closing parade:

  • Complete the duty list under the direction of the duty commander.
  • Remain until the Duty Commander completes their sweep of the armoury
  • Leave only when the Duty Commander dismisses you. Failure to complete your duties will result in verbal and written warnings, extra duties, or chits.

On this page, cadets will find the Routine Orders (info about rules around the armoury), Training Orders (what and when cadet instructors are teaching), and Duty List (which cadets and sections are responsible for before- and after- parade duties.  Click HERE for a description of the Responsibilities of Duty Squad).

This list will be be updated monthly.


Duty List

Date Section Commander Front Desk Cadet
4/1/2019 Normandy Cpl Robinson Lcpl Barnes
40/8/2019 Arras Cpl Staddon Cpl Lee
4/15/2019 Calais Mcpl Goodall Cpl Boyd
4/22/2019 No Training No Training No Training
4/29/2019 Rhine Mcpl Sheppard Cpl Sebastian
Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe, enjoying some time off

Friends of 21: Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe


As part of the White Hackle, we’re going to help bridge the gap so that cadets are better aware of the leadership at the Regiment. In this edition, we’d like to introduce the Incoming Commanding Officer of the Highland Fusiliers, Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Coe.